• PROMOTES affordable, accessible, integrated housing options for people with disabilities and older adults across New York State
  • EDUCATES the public and stakeholders on housing policies, resources, and opportunities
  • FOSTERS partnerships between the disability, aging, and housing communities to increase housing choice
  • OFFERS education and training programs
  • SERVES as a collaborative presence in planning for housing needs 
  • PROVIDES education and technical assistance about the Medicaid funded home modification delivery system

"Communities in the United States are faced with increasingly difficult choices and decisions about how to grow, plan for change, and improve the quality of life for all citizens including children, youth, and adults with disabilities…we believe that for the promise of full integration into the community to become a reality, people with disabilities need: safe and affordable housing, access to transportation, access to the political process, and the right to enjoy whatever services, programs, and activities are offered to all members of the community by both public and private entities."

- National Council on Disability, “Creating Livable Communities” 2006